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Through the Sacred Practice of Community.

Our times have normalized the compartmentalization and the Siloing in people, thoughts, and practices, We live in a world overwhelmed by isolation and scarcity. This is an existence we refuse to live by. The time for Re-imagining is rife, We need one another more than ever , The way we  learn, live and commune is where it all begins

Reimagined Learing Community.

A community of Activists, Makers, Farmers, Healers, Rebels, Gamers, Hackers, Poets, Singers, Dancers, Painters, Researchers. Who is doing some MAD QUESTION ASKING...As to our times, specifically how we learning and why we learning, Realizing that learning was never mainstream but multiple streams and rivers that flow to and through a multiverse of experiences re-and context. We aim to support education that is rooted in restoring, healing, and  Reimagining Life as we know it. 

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The Restoration of Learning

Imagine a world in which we had the freedom to understand who we are and what our place in it might be from a young age, rather than waiting until we’re adults to give ourselves that permission.

What if our childhood could be spent in a supportive, safe space in which we could guide our learning by our natural interests and passions, rather than an environment that imposes ideas about what we should know and what we should be learning upon us? What if we created an education system that taught our children not what to think but how to think?

This is the more beautiful world that we are creating by fostering the next generation in a way that encourages self-knowledge, allowing learning to happen from the inside out - rather than the ‘outside in’ model upon which the industrialized schooling system is based. 

What do we offer?

As a community, we are ever-growing and always have new and different resources available for us to learn, master, and grow. Currently our expertise in music (both vocal and instrumental) Engineering and Construction, Decolonial Philosophy and Indigenous History, Food and Seed sovereignty and Nutrition,  Coding, 3D Rendering, Animation, Game Design, Screen Printing, 2D printing, Indigenous Technologies, Permaculture, and Visual Art.

How Do We Engage?
We align with the thinking that learning is a natural process, So as facilitators we support and assist in guiding the experience to be as textured as possible, A combination of play aligned with a Pedagogy of Connection is our recipe for life long learning, We build workshops, invitations or learning journey and exchanges according to an inquiry, events, intentions or curiosity and sometimes it's just offered without a cue to those who are interested.


The Reimagined Learning Community  (NPO )non-profit organization based in Johannesburg , and now 

The Crags, Western Cape . 

Engages in exploring alternatives to a failing education system through practising as a self-directed, restorative learning community centre, Serving a diverse community of people young and old from various social backgrounds.

People aged between 4 to 85 years old convene daily in collective experimentation and creation to cultivate a sense of belonging and achieve relevant life goals.

This space serves as a living knowledge exchange hub, sharing everything from urban and rural permaculture, various artistic expressions, recycling, technology, Arts and regenerative  practices. 

These are examples of the many intergenerational explorations and collaborations we continuously engage in as a process of Re-membering community and interconnection with humanity and nature. 

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 Tuition and Contribution

Re-imagined Learning Centre is primarily supported through the tuition paid by its families. As a part of our mission to provide self-directed education for liberation and empowerment, we offer tiered tuition to make sure we’re a fit for families not just philosophically but financially as well. Our goal is to have a community with diverse socioeconomic makeup.
In determining our tuition process, we’ve focused on a few important ideas — trust, access, and responsibility. The culture of the Re-imagined Learning Centre (RLC) is rooted in trust. We are committed to developing relationships of trust with students, among the facilitators, and with our families. By trusting families to be generous and reasonable we increase our accessibility. As we grow, we try to balance accessibility with sustainability. We are always looking at our tuition process to make sure we’re being responsible for our current families and to the future health of the school.
The tuition tier chart below states the recommended annual tuition based on a family’s total annual income. Total family income refers to all gross income sources including but not limited to salary, child support, support from family, trusts, etc. Families propose a tuition level that is responsible for both their family’s finances as well as the school’s sustainability. If a family can’t afford the recommendation, they can choose a lower tier and give us more information about their situation. If a family can pay more, they can apply at a higher tier than the recommendation, or make a tax-deductible donation. These practices of trust and responsibility to mutual health keep our school socioeconomically accessible and healthy.


Our Philosophy

We are deeply rooted in Ubuntu, I am because You are and they were. Values of community and regenerative ways of life, acknowledging nature, the skies, and the spiritual. We believe that through a community working together for one purpose to sustain a good life for all we are able to raise youth with an awareness of social issues and creativity to navigate themselves and ourselves through life.

People young and old develop skills and learn according to their own natural rhythms, and we trust that each person, is capable of learning on their own continuum and in their own time and their own unique way.

Nature and the carefully executed environment around the person provide them with everything that they need to successfully grow and learn all that they need to learn.

So natural learning means that people are learning on their own NATURAL timeline (meaning we do not push them to learn things before they are developmentally ready or force them to do meaningless tasks that don’t support a natural development) and within the NATURAL world (using Mother Nature and the home/classroom environment to support the learning journeys).

Hence when subscribing to the Reimagined Learning community, You are subscribing to hold space for your personal growth and that of your youths.

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Our Experiences 

What’s the Buzz

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Reimagined Learning Community Applications

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Thinking About joining our Learning Community?

Thinking about joining our proactive learning community click on the link below to apply

#AffinitytoLivity SUNDAY. Transcending F

The way youths learn to make good decisions is by making decision, not by following direction.

Alfie Kohn

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61 Bellevue St
Johannesburg, 2139
South Africa

+27 730077903 or 011614 0577

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